The North Carolina Recycling Markets Directory is managed by the Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC). Contact the RBAC team at (919) 707-8100 or email us for assistance.

About Us

The Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC) is part of the Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS), a non-regulatory division within the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality. RBAC provides technical assistance and market information for recycling businesses. Use this directory to find recycling markets for different types of material.

The RBAC team understands the economic and environmental importance of the recycling industry. North Carolina’s “recycling economy” employs more than 16,000 people across the state and is one of the fastest growing job engines in the state. Making products from recovered materials saves energy, water, reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and decreases demands on virgin natural resources.

Whether working with a start-up, existing, or relocating recycling business, RBAC can help businesses grow in a variety of ways. RBAC works one-on-one with recycling companies to assess needs and provide direct and indirect assistance through our partnering agencies. Contact us to learn more.

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