North Carolina Recycling Markets Directory

The North Carolina Recycling Markets Directory connects businesses looking to recycle materials they generate with companies who can process those materials. Search the directory by material using the drop-down menus below to find recycling companies near you. Please contact these companies directly to discuss specifications, restrictions and availability to accept recyclable materials.

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Category Material
ABC Container Recycling ABC Containers - All
ABC Container Recycling Aluminum - Cans
ABC Container Recycling Glass Bottles and Jars
ABC Container Recycling PETE #1 Plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Batteries Batteries -- Electric Vehicle
Batteries Batteries -- Household
Batteries Batteries -- Lead-acid
Batteries Batteries -- Lithium
Batteries Batteries -- Nickel Cadmium
Batteries Batteries -- Nickel Metal Hydride
Batteries Batteries -- Zinc Carbon
BioMass/Wood Biosolids
BioMass/Wood Clean Wood Waste
BioMass/Wood Dead Farm Animals
BioMass/Wood Enzymes
BioMass/Wood Industrial Sludge
BioMass/Wood Land Clearing Debris
BioMass/Wood Manufacturing Scrap Wood
BioMass/Wood Manure
BioMass/Wood Mobile Recyclers -- Wood Waste
BioMass/Wood Sawdust and Bark
BioMass/Wood Wooden Pallets
BioMass/Wood Yard Waste
Chemical Alcohols
Chemical Antifreeze
Chemical Distillation Residuals
Chemical Freon
Chemical Household Hazardous Waste
Chemical Latex Paint
Chemical Machining Coolants
Chemical Metal Finishing Chemicals
Chemical Oil Based Paint
Chemical Paint and Coatings Manufacturing Byproducts
Chemical Solvents
Chemical Textile Dyestuffs
Construction & Demolition Materials Asphalt Pavement
Construction & Demolition Materials Asphalt Shingles
Construction & Demolition Materials Carpet
Construction & Demolition Materials Carpet padding
Construction & Demolition Materials Ceiling Tiles
Construction & Demolition Materials Concrete & Brick
Construction & Demolition Materials Deconstruction Services
Construction & Demolition Materials Drywall (Gypsum)
Construction & Demolition Materials Mixed C&D Processing
Construction & Demolition Materials Mobile Homes
Construction & Demolition Materials Mobile Recyclers -- Concrete & Brick
Construction & Demolition Materials Mobile Recyclers -- Shingles
Construction & Demolition Materials Mobile Recyclers -- Wood Waste
Construction & Demolition Materials Plastic Buckets -- HDPE
Construction & Demolition Materials Railroad Ties
Construction & Demolition Materials Salvaged Building Materials
Construction & Demolition Materials Scrap Lumber
Construction & Demolition Materials Vinyl Siding (PVC)
Electronics & Related Products Cartridges -- Ink Jets
Electronics & Related Products Cartridges -- Laser
Electronics & Related Products Computer Equipment
Electronics & Related Products Electronic Equipment and Scrap
Electronics & Related Products Monitors-(R2 or e-Steward Certified Recycler)
Electronics & Related Products Solar Panels
Electronics & Related Products Telecommunications Equipment
Electronics & Related Products Televisions (R2 or e-Steward Certified Recycler)
Fluorescent Lights Fluorescent Lights -- Ballasts
Fluorescent Lights Fluorescent Lights -- Tubes
Food Beverage and Brewery Waste
Food Cooking Oil
Food Edible Food Donations
Food Food Processing Waste
Food Food Waste
Food Meat By-Products
Food Pharmaceutical Waste - Liquid
Food Restaurant Grease
Glass Fiberglass
Glass Glass Bottles and Jars
Glass Laboratory Glass
Glass Lead Glass
Glass Mirror Waste
Glass Plate & Window Glass
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling ABC Containers - All
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Aluminum - Cans
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Antifreeze
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Batteries -- Lead-acid
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Computer Equipment
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Electronic Equipment and Scrap
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Fluorescent Lights -- Tubes
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling HDPE #2 Plastic (High Density Polyethylene)
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Iron and Steel - Appliances
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Mercury Containing Material
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Monitors-(R2 or e-Steward Certified Recycler)
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Oil Filters
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Oyster Shells
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling PETE #1 Plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Televisions (R2 or e-Steward Certified Recycler)
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Tires
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Wooden Pallets
Landfill Ban Materials Recycling Yard Waste
Metal Aerosol Cans
Metal Aluminum - Cans
Metal Aluminum -- Scrap Metal
Metal Aluminum - Wire and Cable
Metal Copper
Metal Copper - Wire and Cable
Metal Copper Alloy - Brass
Metal Copper Alloy - Bronze
Metal Electric Motors
Metal Electroplating Metal Solutions and Sludge
Metal Iron and Steel - Appliances
Metal Iron and Steel - Automotive
Metal Iron and Steel - Cans
Metal Iron and Steel - Cast Iron
Metal Iron and Steel - Construction and Demolition
Metal Iron and Steel - Machinery
Metal Iron and Steel - Other
Metal Iron and Steel - Railroad Scrap
Metal Iron and Steel - Stainless and Special Alloys
Metal Iron and Steel - Steel Drums
Metal Iron and Steel - Wire and Cable
Metal Lead
Metal Magnesium
Metal Mercury Containing Material
Metal Nickel
Metal Nonferrous - Other and Mixed
Metal Oil Filters
Metal Precious Metals - Gold
Metal Precious Metals - Other
Metal Precious Metals - Platinum Group Metals
Metal Precious Metals - Silver
Metal Propane Cylinders
Metal Tin
Metal Zinc
Miscellaneous Ash
Miscellaneous Ceramic Wastes
Miscellaneous Fiberglass
Miscellaneous LED lights
Miscellaneous Mattresses
Miscellaneous Mercury Containing Material
Miscellaneous Oyster Shells
Miscellaneous Shoes
Miscellaneous Super Sacks
Miscellaneous Vapor Lamps
Miscellaneous X-Ray Film
Paper Books
Paper Cartons
Paper Corrugated Cardboard
Paper Corrugated Cardboard - Waxed
Paper Fiber Drums
Paper Magazines
Paper Newspaper
Paper Paper - Document Destruction
Paper Paper -- Office Mix
Paper Paper -- Residential Mixed
Paper Paper -- White Office
Paper Paper Tubes
Paper Paperboard
Paper Textile Cones -- Paper
Petroleum Combustible Petroleums
Petroleum Diesel
Petroleum Hydraulic Fluid
Petroleum Light Grease
Petroleum Oil -- Cutting
Petroleum Oil -- Gear
Petroleum Oil -- Lubricating
Petroleum Oil -- Mineral
Petroleum Oil -- Motor
Petroleum Oil -- Sorbents
Petroleum Oil -- Transmission Fluid
Petroleum Oil -- Wastewater
Petroleum Oil Filters
Petroleum Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Petroleum Petroleum Sludges
Plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Plastic Agricultural Plastics
Plastic All Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bulky Rigid Plastics
Plastic EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) - Styrofoam
Plastic Foam -- Miscellaneous
Plastic HDPE #2 Plastic (High Density Polyethylene)
Plastic HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
Plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Plastic LDPE #4 Plastic (Low Density Polyethylene)
Plastic LLDPE #4 Plastic (Linear Low Density Polyethelyne)
Plastic Mixed Plastic
Plastic Nylon -- Plastic
Plastic PC (Polycarbonate)
Plastic PE (Polyethylene) -- other PE
Plastic PETE #1 Plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Plastic Plastic Buckets -- HDPE
Plastic Plastic Drums
Plastic Plastic Tubs
Plastic Polyester -- Plastic
Plastic PP #5 Plastic (Polypropylene)
Plastic PS #6 Plastic (Polystyrene)
Plastic PVC #3 Plastic (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Plastic Stretch Wrap -- HDPE
Plastic Stretch Wrap -- LDPE
Plastic Stretch Wrap -- LLDPE
Plastic Textile Cones -- Plastic
Rubber EPDM Rubber
Rubber Foam Rubber
Rubber Other Rubber
Rubber Rubber Inner Tubes
Rubber SBR Rubber
Rubber Tires
Textiles Carpet
Textiles Carpet padding
Textiles Cloth Rags
Textiles Clothing
Textiles Cotton
Textiles Fiberglass
Textiles Material -- Nonwovens
Textiles Material -- Wovens
Textiles Nylon -- Textile
Textiles Polycotton
Textiles Polyester -- Textile
Textiles Rayon
Textiles Synthetic Staple Fiber
Textiles Textile Clippings
Textiles Textile Cones -- Paper
Textiles Textile Cones -- Plastic
Textiles Textile Floor Sweeps
Textiles Textile Threads & Yarn Waste
Textiles Wool
Zero Waste to Landfill Zero Waste to Landfill Vendors